Zero Breeze Is More Than A Portable Air Conditioner

Growing up in Canada, many of us have been told o go outside and find something to play. When I was a kid, I played outside with my sisters and friends all the time, and of course, we didn’t have video games or computers then. One of my favorite childhood memory is camping with family in the summer. Playing parachute, double-dutch with my sisters around the campsite, fishing, and swimming in the lake were just a few of the memories that stay with me.

Today it seems children are being told less and less to go outside, children always stay in playing their computers instead of traditional games such as splashing in puddles or squelchy mud. I don’t know the exact reasons why today’s children or even adults lose their passion for the outdoors; however, I believe the global is responsible. With climate change pushing the summer temperature, if you are not well prepared, camping in scorching hot weather can be miserable and unbearable.not properly and well-prepared, camping in scorching hot weather can be miserable and unbearable.

Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioner


Even so, summertime camping trip doesn’t necessarily need to be uncomfortable. Unlike staying at 4-star hotel with everything that you usually have access to, being equipped with the proper camping gear can make your adventure. Apart from picking a peaceful spot in the nature to ensure good sleep; having a portable air conditioner is ideal for camping and boat trips in the summer.

If you are looking for a portable air conditioner for your outdoor activities in summer, there are a number of things you need to consider before purchasing one.

  • Weight and Portabilityzerobreeze

You don’t want to bring a bulky and heavy portable air conditioner to a campsite, so it’s important to look for a lightweight product with wheels or handles for you to move around.

  • The cooling Performance

    Another thing to bear in mind is the cooling performance. It is important to have a portable air conditioner that relies on a coolant used for mobile air conditioners instead of a constant supply of ice. Portable air conditioner with a higher BTU level will be an advantage.

    Best Choice For outdoor enthusiasts

    Zero Breeze - The World’s Coolest Portable Air Conditioner, a product raised over USD$1,537,011 on Indiegogo is the perfect choice for your summertime camping.

    According to Coleman Bentley, the contributing editor of the Loop, Zero Breeze Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect appliance for outdoor lovers.

    ‘With a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a smartphone charging port, and even a night light, the Zero Breeze is also perfect for thrift stores, cheese shops, hot yoga,  doggy daycares, and wherever else will let you blast Ed Sheeran while Snap is chatting pursed-lip selfies.’